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An Old Hut - Stara Chata 

         Is intended for the youth from all over the world. It is designed for participants especially from primary and secondary schools however the age and number of partakers is unlimited. The projects includes old villager’s cottages and huts. If you want to take part in our project all you have to do is describe old huts which are situated in your area or country and which have called your attention.


  • Getting to know etnographical structures as far as the culture of colonisation in your country is concerned.
  • From the very beginnings people have always looked for shelter... They preferred natural cottages, huts, for example caves, grottoes or simple built by themselves shelters. The remains of the building constructions discovered by the anthropologists testify that they were built in different circumstances. In the V century BC the first farmers built their first huts on the mainland between the Black Sea and the North one.
  • In the beginning none of "the houses" differed either in size or in equipment .
  • But as the time went by style changed as people enriched themselves , improved their building techniques and started building the first cities (Mesopotamia 3700 BC ).


  1. Choose one of the oldest huts in your area.
    • Send us its history or description.
    • Write about the oldest inha bited in your region, country.
  2. In your description you should include:
    • place where the hut is
    • the century it is from
    • its architecture, style
    • a drawing or a photograph of the cottage, hut
    • its plan ( room arrangement )
    • accessories, equipment in the house
    • farmers occupation
    • flora in the area
    • an interview with people currently living in the hut.
  3. You can always use your computer in your work.We hope that very project will the understanding of culture differences on our planet. We are forward to your ideas.


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